English (DaF)


German as a Foreign Language

Language training for groups of staff and individual instruction for all levels.

Appointment, location of training and fee by arrangement.

Contents of lessons:

- acquisition of a communicative competence for everyday situations
   on the job and at home

- grammar and orthography

- pronunciation and intonation

- intercultural communication: behavior styles, etiquette and business
   practices in Germany

- communication in a professional and/or academic context

- understanding specialized texts in technical terminology

- preparation for German examinations


1995 – 1998    
Additional degree in “Adult Education” from the University of Bremen.

Practical training at the Language School CASA in Bremen.

1998 – 2001    
Private lessons for German and English language in Bremen

Since 2002 I have been teaching  German as a Foreign language (DaF) for groups of staff and as individual instruction.

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